LAHS Hack Club GET

Free Websites for Clubs

Any Los Altos High School club can easily get a web presence courtesy of LAHS Hack Club. Get a free domain, which you can have redirect to your club's website, Instagram, or another page. It's memorable and great for promoting on social media or on posters! We sponsor a variety of options and support for every club, whether you have a website already or not.

New Flexible Options

New to GET, we have options to meet your club wherever you are at.

Keep Your Site

Keep your existing Google, Wix, or other site and get a free domain as a fast shortcut.

Make a New Site

Learn to make and manage a new site without any code, with help from one of our members!


Need more, or already have code to deploy? We can help! Dual club membership required.


To request a site or a domain, you must be the acting president of the club in question and must have your club advisor's approval. You agree that any info published on your club's site reflects the MVLA school district as a whole.

For advanced or custom sites maintained by LAHS Hack Club, your club must have a member that is also an active member of LAHS Hack Club (dual membership). You can always join Hack Club at


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